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Hitting the mark

Recruitment for companies

A skilled recruitment consultant is capable of filling open positions with just the right professional.

It is equally important that the consultant have a keen sense for linking a specialist or manager with the optimal role in a suitable corporate environment.

Only then is he able to hit the mark with reliability when it comes to recommending candidates to a client.

The specialized focus of our consultants benefits our clients and our candidates.

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Network Power

Specialized in finding

In our network of recruitment consultants you find experts who value teamwork and are willing to share their knowledge and experience. These recruitment professionals each have an extensive background in those areas they now serve as recruiters. Only by bundling this range of first-hand competency is it possible to locate and win the best candidates across industries and functions.

In concrete terms this means our experts for mechanical engineering work with one of our IT experts when his customer requires a specialist with a background in mechanical engineering. Such combinations are not unusual, and this approach enables an easy to manage, one-face-to-the-customer relationship that still delivers with accuracy.

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Just the right fit

The ideal job for you

Only 50% of all employees are satisfied with their job! This percentage is too low and not beneficial to the company or individual.

mbm Consulting Partners consults clients and job candidates – we fill an advisory role for the parties on both sides of the table.

If you are looking for a new professional challenge, there are three possible ways to move forward with mbm. You can check out our open list of job vacancies, send us a job search profile, or ask us to send you our info-letter containing a list of candidate-specific job openings.

Christian Probst

Christian Probst

Recruitment Consulatant

mbm Consulting Partners
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  • Pharmacies
  • Clinics
  • Medical technology
  • Pharmaceutical companies


  • Skilled employees and specialists
  • Managing Directors
  • Interim Managers


  • Medical specialists
  • Nurse management
  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmaceutical sales
  • Hygiene Protection



20-year record of upward development into management positions in the Pharmaceutical- and Medical-Industry

  • Pharmaceutical Company und Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Business consultancy, of Pharmacists und HealthCare Companies
  • Business development and selling consultancy
  • Training and coaching in the medical and pharmaceutical environment.
  • Comprehensive CRM / ERP knowledge
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By making use of our simple selection menu, you are able to receive regular updates that provide information about the latest job openings that might match your profile.

The e-mail presents links to the types of job offers you requested to receive.

Cancelling this service is just as easy as signing up for it – a single click is all that’s needed. And it goes without saying that the data you enter is secure and handled with absolute discretion.