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APM Alternative Placement Method

This method supplements the other recruitment services we provide, and it brings added benefits to the candidates, our clients and the mbm partners. In the process of executing a search project, we usually identify more than one strong candidate. Often the client’s decision not to hire a certain candidate is rooted in secondary issues such as limited willingness to travel on, no openness to moving locations, lack of sufficient language skills, etc. These top specialists, whom we have identified and short-listed, are well-qualified, eager to undertake a new professional challenge and willing to change employers.

How can we leverage this strong potential?

Such circumstances don’t just happen – they are the result of considerable thought and effort?

Through our direct search campaigns we become aware of specialists who are not actively seeking a new job but are clearly interested in the idea of taking their next career step.

And when we use job ads to locate the right candidates, many top-level specialists contact us – professionals who end up not being the right fit for the job in question but who bring rich experience and competency to the table.

In the course of getting to know these different candidates, also in the context of diagnostic testing, we often come to realize that some candidates are better qualified for different positions than the one in mind.

When we receive non-solicited applications, we are presented with the opportunity to develop a relationship with well-qualified specialists and managers who are ready to change jobs – and doing something to make that happen.

APM Advantages

Most of our candidates are actively employed at the time we enter contact. This means they have limited time to conduct a job search on their own. APM saves them time.

Client companies receive top candidates – at very attractive conditions.

The APM method is a uniquely uncomplicated project, quite a distance from the classical services of a recruitment consultancy. For this reason no consulting contract is required. You, the job seeker, can use the opportunities provided by APM to get to know us (and we you). If interested, you can give us a mandate to conduct a dedicated job search.

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